Sold in Individual Daily Servings. Order as many or as few as you need.
Our Dog Food is Freshly Made shortly before shipping

Freshly Made

All of our dog food is oven cooked and vacuum packed in pouches only 1-2 days before shipping. The pouches are then gently frozen for transport. 

Our Dog Food is made with Home-Style Cooking in the Oven

Home-Style Cooked

Our ingredients are the same as you would put in your dogs home cooked meal. We don’t add anything to make it have a specific texture or shape.

Our Dog Food is delivered Gently Frozen Directly to your Door

Delivered To You

Our food is delivered to your door. All of our dog food is packed in daily pouches. It contains no preservatives, coloring or other nasties.

Our Dog Food is easy to Serve at Dinner Time.

Easy to Serve

Simply defrost the daily meal in the fridge overnight, and serve. To make it extra yummy heat it slightly.